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Preservation of Scripture

Preservation of Scripture

In this post you are encouraged to explore a larger number of resources for further study. The links are available at the end of the post.

“Preservation…refers to the acts of God whereby he has preserved the centuries the written record of his special revelation for his people.”

God gave specific instructions to His people to preserve scripture. He also preserves His Word through His providence. God has kept his Word intact by the diligent efforts of human agents through the millennia (eg, Psalm 119:89, 160).

Source: MacArthur, John and Mayhue, Richard. Biblical Doctrine (A systematic Summary of Bible Truth). (2017). Crossway Publishers. Illinois.

The Bible itself claims that it will last forever (Isaiah 40:8). This passage was quoted in the New Testament also (1 Peter 1:24-25). Jesus also affirmed the preservation of scripture in the Gospels.

An examination of the ancient manuscripts shows that they are very stable. The various early copies (including the Dead Sea Scrolls) show the accuracy of the copies we have today.

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