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The Doctrine of God

This week we begin the study of our second doctrine.

Doctrine 2 - The Doctrine of God

The Existence of God

“The only reliable proof of the existence of the true God consists of statements from and about him in his inspired Word.”

We look to the Bible for it is God’s infallible Word. It transcends our human understanding. It reminds us that: - Cannot be in a proper relationship with God without acknowledging His existence. - The Bible tells us he is eternal - God states the ‘He is’ without dependence upon anything for His life. - In scripture He reveals His existence and allows us to know about Him.

Scripture asserts God’s existence. It does not try to prove God’s existence but rather states His existence. It also teaches that God existed before the beginning of the universe and that He is the only God.

God reveals Himself in scripture and allows us to learn about Him through His word. One of the key things scripture teaches is that we can only know about God but also Him. A personal relationship is possible.

“Though God can be known truly, Scripture also reveals that God is not comprehensively or exhaustively knowable to humans in any aspect of his being or actions”. This is God’s incomprehensibility. As humans we are corrupted by the sin nature and limited to time and space and we serve a God who is eternal. This limits our ability to fully grasp all that He is.

Source: MacArthur, John and Mayhue, Richard. Biblical Doctrine (A systematic Summary of Bible Truth). (2017). Crossway Publishers. Illinois.

Considering the question of the incomprehensibility of God, offers this assistance: “THE POSSIBILITY OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD The Bible gives witness to two facts regarding the knowledge God. First, it teaches us that God is incomprehensible, and but then it also declares that God is knowable. Both are true, but not in an absolute sense. To say that God is incomprehensible simply means that finite man cannot know everything there is to know about God who is an infinite being. To say that God is knowable means that, though incomprehensible, God can be known and man can grow in the knowledge of God, at least in a limited sense and to the degree that is needed for man to trust God and have a personal and growing relationship with Him”.

For Further Study:

“The Existence of God” by James N. Anderson: The Existence of God - The Gospel Coalition

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