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Doctrine of Bibliology

Teaching and Preaching of Scripture

Teaching and preaching cannot be separated from or operate independently of doctrine.


“Biblically speaking, Christian teaching is scriptural truth…..Since Christian teaching is all about biblical truth and biblical truth is all about God’s Word, Christians must therefore affirm a high view of Scripture and doctrine”.

The teaching of scripture forms sound doctrine which informs Godly living.

A key theme of the New Testament epistles is the necessity of making correct and sound doctrine the basis of Christian faith and ministry:

· Christians are reminded to heed the truths of the faith and good teaching (1 Tim. 4:6)

· To keep as the pattern of teaching the scriptural truths learned (2 Tim 1:13)

· Preach the Word (2 Tim. 4:2)

· Hold firmly to the message and encourage others in correct doctrine. (Titus 1:9)

· Teach in accordance with sound doctrine. ( Titus 2:1)

MacArthur and Mayhue (Biblical Doctrine)

Preaching: What constitutes sound preaching?

“Sound doctrine demands both exacting exposition and powerful preaching.

3 propositions to consider in preaching:

- God gave His Word to be communicated entirely

- God gave His Word to be communicated exactly as He gave it

- These two propositions can only be accomplished by correct reading of the text and exposition (providing the meaning and intent of the text).

The preacher must use the true Biblical text (not just someone’s interpretation or a false rendering). He must interpret the text accurately. This means using a correct hermeneutic (the interpretative rules applied to scripture). This requires an exegetical reading (reading out of the scripture what God intended). One must never read into scripture their own viewpoint, expectation, or a modern cultural viewpoint. “Expository preaching is really exegetical preaching.”

MacArthur and Mayhue (Biblical Doctrine)

“The preacher’s message should come out of the text and be governed by the text. “Preach” means “to herald.” The herald was the king’s messenger who relayed the king’s message to the people. He wasn’t free to make up his own stuff. He wasn’t a politician or diplomat or a spin doctor. His job was to proclaim faithfully the king’s message so that the people understood it”.

Stephen J Cole (Preaching and Hearing God’s Word).


*MacArthur, John and Mayhue, Richard. Biblical Doctrine (A systematic Summary of Bible Truth). (2017). Crossway Publishers. Illinois.

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